Tips Tuesday: Tips for overweight dogs

The same as overweight humans, overweight dogs face the same problems. For example, they have a much higher risk of getting diabetes, cancers, joint problems and similar.

First of all, you should never let your dog become overweight. However, this have become a very big problem for dogs that live in condos, and that spend most of their time inside the house. Their activity, in such situations, is just limited to barking through the window, sleeping and eating.

How can you check whether your dog is overweight? First of all, if he doesn’t have any waist, he is in the category of chubbies. Another thing that you should check is his rib cage. In case that you feel ribs, once you touch that part, your dog is fine, but in case that you feel a roll of fat, you can consider your dog overweight.

The first thing that you should do to try to help your dog is to take him to the vet to see whether his overweight problem is not a root for some physical malady. Your vet will most certainly tell you what is the perfect weight for a certain dog breed and whether your dog has to lose some weight.

For your dog to lose weight in a natural and healthy way, you should choose a proper diet and exercises. For urban dogs it can represent a problem, but it doesn’t have to be. Dogs like to eat when they are bored, the same as humans, so this is something you shouldn’t let your dog to do. Keeping him occupied the most possible will the the best thing you can do for his health.

Healthy treats are also a good way to keep your dog satisfied between the meals. Why not trying out broccoli or carrots? Most of the dogs love them. Apart from being healthy, these treats can help you save some money when compared to commercial treats for dogs.

In the end, the best way to help overweight dogs is to make your own dog food, as this way you will have a complete control over what he is eating.



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