Stylish Sunday: Extra Small Deluxe Soft Crate, Generation II – Ocean Blue for Dogs

Any dog owner should consider buying dog crates in case that he still don’t have one, as they are proven to be of a great use. As much as some people think that dog crates are not good for animals because they restrict their space, the truth is that they act just as dog tents or dog beds.

Dog creates are able to provide a personal space for a dog, and they are actually representing a space where one dog can relax or sleep and feel safe.

There are large and small dog crates, and it is necessary that you buy the right size for your dog.

The best dog crates are soft dog crates that are easy to take with you when you are traveling somewhere for example. They feature a soft cushion padding that your dog will adore.

There are different dog crates on the market. The cheapest ones have metal bars and they indeed resemble a cage. From the other side they can be very practice as they have a plastic tray on the bottom that can easily be cleaned. This is a good solution for older dogs.

Any dog owner should understand that dog crates are not cruel for animals, but are really a necessity in many situations. For example, they are useful when traveling in the car on long distances, as it is here where your dog will be able to sleep peacefully.

This week we are presenting the Extra Small Deluxe Soft Crate, Generation II – Ocean Blue for Dogs for traveling in style. This dog crate provides softness, ventilation and security to your dog.

The Extra Small Deluxe Soft Crate is excellent for travel, and your dog will feel comfortable thanks to soft fleece pads. The crate has round corners that are at the same time protecting other surfaces from being damaged.

The Extra Small Deluxe Soft Crate is both durable and water resistant crate, and will last for years. It features 4 accessories:

  • Toy and treat bag
  • Soft fleece pad
  • Removable inner tray
  • Adjustable leash

The size of the Extra Small Deluxe Soft Crate is 21 x 15 x 15 inches, and capacity 15 lbs.

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