Save me Saturday: Brad, Doberman Pinscher

This week, we will try to find a new home to a lovely Doberman Pinscher named Brad. He is a black and tan dog, with a docked tail and natural ears. He has a very tough past, as his previous owners left them at the Animal care Cervices all tied up, and since then he is being living at Dobiehaven.

Dobieheaven is a nice place to be, but Brad is really in a need of a new family now. He needs someone to take of him all the time, play with him, and he indeed misses caring for one nice family.

Brad is a very nice looking dog, and is only 1.5 years old. He is a large adult dog, but at the same time very sweet. He is very well obedient, and what he likes to and, and how he will keep your house safe all the time is by barking when somebody unknown comes.

Brad is a healthy dog, currently being treated against heartworms.

If you are ready to adopt a new dog for your family, don’t hesitate to look up for Brad, as he is situated in Corpus Christi, TX.

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