Travel Thursday: Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt Restraint

Now with the summer approaching, probably a lot of dog owners are already thinking on where they will spend their summer holidays. Traveling by car can be fun, but you need to take care of the safety, especially when traveling with your dog. For this reason, we are introducing the Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt Restraint which can be purchased at our online pet store.

With a proper car dog seat belt, your dog will be safe, while at the same time you will be able to drive safely as well. If you are still not convinced that a seat belt is a necessity for your dog and for you own safety, then here are some important reasons why you should consider them again:

When a car stops suddenly, or in case of some accident, your dog will not become a “missile”, as he will be safe in his seat. A dog “missile” can kill not only the dog, but as well the other passengers.

In case of some accident, it is important that your dog is safely restrained, as he might become violent and try to hurt people that might come in for a rescue. Or, if he is not belted, he can run away after some accident, or run into traffic and get seriously hurt.

When your dog is safely restrained, it is much easier for you to concentrate on the road. Dogs that are not restrained can block your vision, or go under pedals, etc. All of these can lead to accident.

Most of the dogs like to hang their head outside of the window while riding in a car. Sometimes, they might even want to jump out of the window, but if they are safely restrained with an Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt Restraint, they will not get injured or killed.

In the end, when using a dog car seat belt, you should keep on mind that with dogs is the same as with children and that they can also be injured by airbags, so make sure to turn off the airbags that are near them.

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