Choosing the Right Veterinarian – Before Your First Office Visit

Like any other member of your family, your dog’s health is important. When choosing a veterinarian for you pet, do not limit deciding factors to things such as cost and distance. While having a reasonably priced veterinarian close to your home is an ideal situation, it becomes less so when you have to deal with rude staff or ill treatment of your dog. Be sure to ask fellow pet owners in your area who they prefer and why. Begin calling veterinarian offices in your area and ask for pricing information on yearly office visits. Keep a notebook and pen with you when calling so that you can make notes of which offices you have called, what their prices are and whether or not the staff seems to be friendly. If you do not find the manner of the staff agreeable over the phone, chances are that it is not the office for you. It is possible that you have simply called at a bad time or caught someone on a bad day. However, it is also likely that you could always expect to be treated in a curt manner by the office staff. Use your judgment and the recommendations of others to help you decide. If the office is highly recommended, try calling at a different time and see if you receive the same treatment. If you have multiple pets, some vets will allow you to schedule a visit for at least two of them to come in at the same time and offer a reduced fee for the visit. At the very least, taking multiple animals at once will save you a trip. Once you decide on a vet and schedule an appointment, plan to drive by the vet’s office before the appointment day. Look at the outside appearance of the office building and grounds. They should be neat. There should also be a grassy area or two in case your dog needs to relieve itself before or after the visit. When you arrive with your dog, try to park in a spot that allows easy access to both the door and the grass. Be mindful of major roadways and traffic and always secure your dog on a leash or in adog carrier or stroller. You can find carriers at Pampered Puppy by clicking here.

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