World events Wednesday: Obese wiener dog gets tummy tuck

Obi, formerly obese dachshund, who became famous because of his unusual weight of 35 kg, is recovering from surgery to remove loose skin after his weight loss.

This dog has lost as much as 18 kg in eight months, and now, after the removal of excess skin is 16 kg, but should lose two more.

Obi was so obese that he had to wear a special harness that his body would not be dragged on the ground.

He was temporarily housed by a former veterinary technician Nora Vanuatu, as he was taken away from the owner that almost killed him with the food.

However, the owner of a dachshund rescue center in Oregon, is now fighting for the custody over the dog, because his previous owners used him for “sensationalist purposes.”

This story spread over the internet very fast, and at the moment, the dog is followed on the Facebook page by more than 90,000 followers.

“I am feeling blessed that I was involved in his rehabilitation, and I was surprised by the amount of love and support that I received,” said Vanuatu on this project.

“I hope that Obi can be an inspiration for all those who want their pets to lose weight. It is important that both people and dogs eat healthier food, “she added.

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