Stylish Sunday: Blue/Silver Rubber K9 Optix for Dogs

Dog sunglasses are not here just for the fashion. They are functional as well. the main purpose of dog sunglasses is to protect your dogs eyes from the dust, UV rays and debris and other things that might get into his eyes.

Dog sunglasses are available in a variety of models, types and colors. For example, most of the dog owners often opt for mesh dog glasses which are intended for dogs that like to put their heads out of the window when riding in the car. Such sunglasses are protecting the dogs eyes from the wind.

Did you ever think that even a small piece of stone that gets into your dogs eyes can cause  a lot of damage to his sight? This would lead to surgeries and high medical bills, so why not protecting your dog right from the beginning? No matter if you prefer to ride your dog in a car or motorcycle, the right model of mesh sunglasses is a must.

Except for mesh dog glasses there are as well hard goggles for dogs which are an excellent choice for the road. They have an excellent protection against the UV rays, especially when we take into consideration that protecting dogs eyes against UV rays is as important as protecting our eyes.

Dog sunglasses are available for both small and large dog breeds, and are available in a variety of colors, materials and sizes. When it comes to buying the right size of sunglasses for your dog, you need to make sure that you have take the right measures of the dogs head, the frame and the strap size as well.

This week we will present the Blue/Silver Rubber K9 Optix for Dogs. These dog sunglasses are featuring a rubber frame, and are very comfortable for any dog breed due to the fact that they don’t have hard frames on the nose bridge anymore.

The Blue/Silver Rubber K9 Optix for Dogs are offering 100% UV protection for your pup.

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