Football Season and Your Dog

It is that time of year again, when the leaves are falling and the football games are taking place. This wonderful American pastime is celebrated in most households around the country. We have just the items you need to include your dog in the football merriment. You can dress your dog up in a Football Costume (available in red or blue only), put a football Sports Tie Collar or All Star Football Belly Band on your guy, dress him or her in an NFL jersey or a Party Collar in your favorite college football team colors. You can order an NFL officially licensed jersey for the Patriots, Ravens, Bills, Cardinals, Titans, Lions, Jaguars, Texans, Browns, Panthers, Seahawks and Falcons. For your favorite college football team, get your dog a Party Collar in your team’s colors. We have Gators Blue and Orange, Hurricanes Orange and Green, Longhorns Burnt Orange and White, Jayhawks Royal Blue and Red, Gamecocks Garnett and Black, Bulldogs Red and Black, LSU Purple and Yellow, Seminoles Yellow and Garnett, Tigers Orange and Purple, Wild Cats Purple and Silver and Wolverines Yellow and Reflex Blue. If you do not see your favorite team listed in the Party Collars but they have the same color scheme as one of the teams that is listed, go ahead and get that Party Collar. There are no team specific charms on the collars, so as long as the color matches, no one will know that it was not intended for your team. If none of the colors available match your favorite college or local football team, do not worry. Instead, check out our selection of dog tees, dog hats, collars, leashes and accessories. We offer many items in solid colors that can allow your dog to show some support for your team. Football season would not be complete without a tailgate party or two. Dress up your pooch and invite some friends to do the same. Get together and grill hot dogs and hamburgers while cheering on your favorite football team and have a happy football season!

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