Travel Thursday: Top trips for cat lovers

The following extraordinary museums, theme parks and circus performances are only the beginning of a trip fueled by the obsession with cats.

1. Timothy cafes, Tokyo

Japan’s obsession with everything that has to do with cats is well known in the world. After all, it is home to a cat Maru, which has become a YouTube star, but also the famous “someone” or cat’s café, where people come when they want socialization with countless cats. The best known are Shimokitazawa’s Cateria, Nekobukuro in Ikebukuro, Curl Up Café and Nyafe Melange.

2. Festival of cats, Ypres, Belgium

KATTENSTOET (Festival of cats) is held every three years, the second week of May, and the next is due in 2015. year. It is dedicated to refined kittens is organized with street parades, musical events and fancy dress parties. The festival culminates in a performance in which a court jester is throwing toy cats from the belfry. This custom dates from the Middle Ages when they were thrown from the belfry real cats.

3. Home and Museum Hemingway, Key West, Florida

Cat lovers and lovers of Ernest Hemingway works will surely become enthusiastic over the former house of legendary writer in Key West. This grand house is home to 50 cats that are all descendants of Hemingway’s cats Snowball (got it from the ship’s captain). Cats are curious and have inherited the genetic mutation responsible for having six toes, and look like they’re wearing little socks.

4. Timothy Moscow theater

This second generation of Russian theater founded by Yuri K. Dmitri in 1990. and performs only in Moscow with about 120 cats. The performances of cats walking on a tightrope, ride horses and posing on top of balls is definitely a spectacle worth the visit.

5. Timothy Museum Kuching, Malaysia

In Malaysia, it is believed that cats bring good luck, as in many other Asian cultures, and Timothy Museum in Kuching Saravoku is a kind of homage to these furry creatures. For starters, you need to enter a building that resembles a flying saucer through a giant cat face. Inside is the exhibition of works of art and archaeological artifacts dedicated to cats. The most interesting is certainly a 1,000-year-old Egyptian mummy cat. The museum is located on a hill and overlooks the Kuching, in free translation “cat-like city.”

6. Biggest Cat Show, Birmingham

The largest cat show in the UK is held every November in Birmingham. It evaluates beauty cat’s models.

7. Torre Argentina cat shelter, Rome

The motto of the shelter is “working together to better life for abandoned cats in Rome.” Here volunteers are always welcome, and are tasked to clean the cages and feed some of the 300 different animals. If you live in Rome, there can be a foster family for the youngest kittens. This place is located on the site of ancient ruins and has an amazing history.

8. Timothy boat (Poezenboot), Amsterdam

Cats and water do not usually go together. However, this floating shelter in Amsterdam Herengraht channel is very successful. It was founded by Henrietta Wilde out in 1966. and since then it has become a tourist attraction. Also, visitors can volunteer, donate money or adopt a cat.

9. Hello Kitty theme park, Tokyo

Pilgrimage to Tokyo Hello Kitty theme park, officially called Sanrio Puroland is mandatory for fans of the animated character. Every year it is visited by 1.5 million visitors of all ages who then watch musicals on Hello Kitty, visit the amusement park and the Hello Kitty’s house where there are portraits of the famous cat and her family, as well as in the shape of her face.

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