World events Wednesday: Dog spent 4 days next to his trapped owner

Seriously injured and trapped under the wreckage of the car, 76-year-old Herbert Schutz thought he will face a certain death. In agony, he knew that the chances that someone will find him on a remote farm on the slopes of the mountains of Australia is very small. However, luckily for him, his faithful sheepdog Boyd was with him.

Boyd knew exactly what to do – tucked beside his owners to warm him during the night as during the night the temperature goes down ┬áto four degrees Celsius. He refused to leave his owner even when the rescuers arrived four days later.

Schutz was stuck under the car after crashing into a tree near his farm in Rylstone. He tried to get away from the wreck, but at this point car overturned and he got stuck.

He suffered a fractured skull, two broken ribs and dislocation of the shoulder.

The neighbors began searching for Schutz because they worried that his daughter had not been able to get in touch with his father three days after the accident.

A neighbor, Eric Merritt and his friend Julian Barrett discovered the overturned vehicle in the next day afternoon.

“We saw the car, but be didnt see anyone. Then the dog ran out in front of the car and we heard Schutz calling him. So we found him, “says Merritt.

Even when we found him, the dog ran straight to his side and cuddled up to him. He didn’t want to leave him even then,” said the neighbor Eric Merritt.

Schutz was subsequently hospitalized, and doctors say it is recovering surprisingly well, keeping in mind that he was severely injured without food and water to survive for four days.

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