Save me Saturday: Francis, a Boxer/Shar Pei mix

Francis is a very lovable dog, result of a very interesting combination between a boxer and Shar Pei. You can locate and adopt Francis at Houston, Texas. Francis was rescued together with his 6 siblings, and is currently placed at a foster family.

This is a healthy dog and up to date on all shots. Except for that, Francis has been neutered as well. We are talking about a very healthy and cute puppy who is waiting for his new family to adopt him. Could that be you?

Francis loves to play and to run, and his favorite toys are tennis balls. With him, your day will definitely not be boring especially when taking into consideration that he likes to hide under beds, inside closets, etc.

Francis is a very bright and attentive dog. He responds positively to affection and love, and loves the company of people, especially children. He is eager to please, and with the right training he will grow up into a very loving and gentle dog.

Currently, he is learning the basic commands and until now learned to respond very well to sit, stay, bed, potty, etc. he is also learning to walk on the leash.

If you already have a dog, Francis will not mind as he loves the company of other animals, except cats. Being  a puppy, he will very easily adjust to any given environment with proper guidance and love.

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