Dressing Your Dog for the Christmas Season

There is nothing like dressing your dog for the season to add that little bit of extra Christmas cheer to your holiday. Whether going out or staying in, these dog Christmas clothes are sure to look festive. For a female in heat, in training or with incontinence problems, include the Winter Wonderland Bloomers in her Christmas wardrobe. For a male with incontinence issues or a puppy in training, add a touch of Christmas spirit with the Seasons Belly Bands. Holiday clothing for your dog to wear around the house can include the I Love X’Mas Shirt, Stuffed Stocking Pullover, Cozy Dog Fleece in Solid or Print, Christmas Fleece Dog Hoodie, Blizzard Buddies Dog Sweater, Santa’s Workshop Dog Tee, Sugar & Spice Overalls or Thermals, Red Snowflake Hoodie, Special Snowflake, Lil’ Giver Of Joy, Fireplace Christmas Doggy and Doggy Ornament shirts. Of course, there are other sweater, hoodie and shirt options available for winter if you do not wish to dress your dog in Christmas wear every day. The night would not be complete without pajamas for your favorite pooch to snuggle in while dreaming of a stocking full of bones. The Lil’ Teddy Snuggle Suit, Red Cozy PJs and Red Fleece Pajamas are all fitting for the Christmas holiday season and will help keep your dog warm, too! Consider swapping additional dog products, such as dog blankets, dog beds and dog carriers or strollers for items that are more holiday-appropriate. Purchase these items in happy colors of traditional red and green to match your decorated house. You may want to pack them away with the rest of your Christmas decorations every year and reuse them. For outerwear, consider the Sweet Santa Coat, I Love Santa Coat, Winter Dog Parka in Hunter Green or the All Weather Dog Trench Coat in Red.

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