Travel Thursday: Why cats don´t like to ride in a car?

Cats, unlike dogs, do not enjoy riding in the car. Although it is impossible to explain exactly why cats do not like to ride in the car, some of their common features can be clarified with the discomfort that creates them.

Cats are animals that like routine and this routine has for centuries been responsible for their survival.

The reluctance of cats to ride in a car can be just an instinctive response to a change in their daily routine. Unexpected changes can easily cause stress in cats.

Although the removal of the cat from its territory to us may not seem so important, the thing is that a good part of the day maintained their territorial boundaries can be daunting.

Although some cats actually suffer from motion sickness, some cats manifest similar symptoms just because they are nervous when riding in a car.

Experts believe it is very important to make the cat feel comfortable while riding and it is best that the owner is sitting with her while someone else is driving.

Increasing attention is the key to overcome the fears that the pet has.

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