Tips Tuesday: How to clean your cat’s teeth?

Kittens, which are known as the cleanest and purest in the animal kingdom, need our little help. In fact, dental disease, or periodontal disease, is the most common among our pets. Brushing your cat’s teeth is one of the preventive measures, and here’s how to get them used to it.

You can very easily restrict or prevent dental disease with special diet food (recently available in the market and has a wide selection) and brushing teeth. Pay attention to the following steps and your cat can have a healthy mouth and teeth and you’ll be rewarded with a kiss without breath.

The easiest way is to start maintaining the oral hygiene when your cat is still a kitten as in this period they still don’t have tartar and caries. Of course, at that time, it is the easiest way to teach the animal to wash their teeth. For this activity you need a soft child’s toothbrush or toothbrush for cats and veterinary toothpaste. The latter is very important because people pastes contain mostly a lot of soda and must be washed out and veterinary toothpastes do not need to be rinsed, and are available with seductive flavors of chicken, fish … which your cat will not reject.

You need to know where and when and how to brush your teeth cat.

Periodontal disease is often “attack” of the upper back teeth. Plaque forms on a daily tooth surface, particularly on the border of the gums and teeth. In 36 hours, plaque is mineralized and after the washing cannot remove. Because of this it is recommended brushing every day and pay special attention to the gum and teeth.

Make a routine of brushing your cat’s teeth, do it every day if possible, at the same time and always reward the patience of your kitty.

Start by first giving a cat to try the toothpaste. In a few days repeat this process and put toothpaste on your finger and spread gently on the cats teeth. In a few days repeat this but with a toothbrush. After a couple of days repeat this, but then try to make circular movements in the mouth of your pet. This should take about 30 seconds.

Despite regular brushing some cats still need a professional cleaning as people. It depends on the type of food, the pH value of saliva and some other factors. When cats need professional scaling, take your pet to the vet.

Quality scaling is done under general anesthesia because it finishes in less time and is done much better. Quality removal of tartar works with ultrasonic scaling. Manual scraping with a scraper will damage your cat’s teeth enamel so avoid this.

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