Travel Thursday: Top pet friendly destinations in North America

For those adventurous ones that like to travel while at the same time taking their pets with them, here are some suggestions for top pet friendly destinations in the North America. These are definitely the three cities you will have to visit.

  • Portland, OR is the city where you will definitely have to stay in one of their best pet friendly hotels – Hotel Vintage Plaza. Here your dog is free to run, and if you have more than one pet they are all welcome. The hotel doesn’t have any restrictions concerning the size and the number of pets you are bringing with you. Here your dog will be treated like real royalty, which even includes massages, truffles, fashion collar, etc.
  • If visiting Whistler, BC, the hotel you will definitely not regret if you stay there is the Summit Lodge. Your pet is very welcome here, and he will be waited open handed with a doggy bowl and treats. If need, the staff of the hotel will provide dog walking services.
  • New Orleans, LA is known also for one of their best pet friendly hotels Loews. You are welcome to bring two of your pets, and each of the will receive a welcome pack. If interested, you can even order one of their Loews Loves Pets room service menus to make your dog feel like a royalty.


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