Winter Dog Wear

Keeping your dog warm in the cold weather is important. There are many dog products available to make this easier to accomplish. Items such as blankets and warm dog beds will help keep your favorite canine warm inside your home. If your dog likes to burrow, you may want to opt for a doggie sleeping bag instead of a bed. The all over coverage will keep your dog happily snuggled up. Dressing your pooch in long-sleeved shirts with pants and socks will provide additional warmth on cold days and nights. If your house is older or just tends to be drafty, you should include sweaters or hoodies as part of your dog’s indoor wardrobe. Sweaters and hoodies can also double as winter wear for the outdoors. In addition, jackets, boots and even raincoats may be a good investment for keeping your dog warm and dry in inclement winter weather. Be mindful of your dog’s tolerance for cold or nasty weather. Research the breed to find out guidelines for how long your dog can be outside. Watch your dog when you are outside for signs that it is uncomfortable. Shivering or whining may be your pooch’s way of telling you that it is too cold or that it has been outside for too long. Make sure that the clothing you dress your dog in is warm enough for the temperature outside. Put boots on your dog when venturing out in very wet or very cold conditions or for long walks. Boots for dogs will provide an extra measure of protection for your dog’s paws and help prevent chapping. Look for hats that will help keep the dog’s head warm also. For weather conditions such as snow or icy rain, keep a dry towel by the door you use for going outside. When you bring your dog in, remove any clothing, hats and boots by the door. Using the towel, dry your dog off to help keep off the cold. For an extra treat, place the towel in the dryer before leaving the house. It will be nice and warm upon your return and your dog will love to be snuggled with the warmth as you dry it off.

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