World Events Wednesday: Dog owner hires a digger to save pet

A dog that spent five days trapped in the pipe under the parking lot in England, was released after his owner rented the excavator to dug the ground, and thus managed to pull him out.

The five-year old Jack Russell terrier named Lulu accidentally stuck in the rabbit hole in a parking in Buckinghamshire and when friends and the owner tried to pull him out they realized that Lulu actually slipped far deeper into the pipes below the ground.

The owner of a dog hired firefighters who then said to her that it would be too dangerous to crawl through a tube in which a man could easily get stuck.

Then the desperate Mrs. Kaiser hired an excavator that dug the place where the metal pipe is, a special team has cut the water pipe and Lulu was pulled out.

“I’m relieved, these guys who were involved in the rescue were great, there are still good people on this planet,” Mrs Kaiser said.

And indeed they exist (just look at her example)!

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