Tips Tuesday: How to master your dogs walk

Here you can check out some tips on how to easily take your dog for a walk while at the same time mastering his walk. Remember, your dog has to see you as a leader, as only that way he will respect you.

  • Always walk in front of your dog (this will show this that you are a leader and this is something that he will learn to respect)
  • To have more control over him, use a short leash (this provides a better and easier communication with the dog as you can easily guide him)
  • Choose a part of the day when you will be regularly walking him (morning, afternoon, evening. Observe what is the time of the day he enjoys more going for a walk, and respect this)
  • If your dog has behave well during the walk, make sure to reward him
  • Don’t stop to lead even when you are at home (e.g. make sure your dog stays calm when you are undressing, taking off his leash, etc)
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