Save Me Saturday: Lancelot, Australian cattle dog in Houston TX

If you are from Houston, TX, and you are looking to adopt a new member family, Lancelot might be the right decision. He is a very nice and quiet dog, and gets along very well with just any dog that is around him. It doesn´t matter if the other dogs are small or large, he will never mind their company.

Lancelot is a very well behaved dog. He enjoys snuggling, and his favorite activity is sleeping on the bed. Lancelot is also house trained, so this is one worry less that you will have since he will know how to let you know when he needs to go outside. Lancelot is a very loving dog and he enjoys the company of humans, especially kids.

He had a very difficult past, as when he was rescued, he was found injured and he needed medical care. The problem was that both of his back legs were broken, and he was in this state for 2 months. It is truly a miracle that he survived on the streets without being able to move both of his back legs.

Lancelot´s surgery lasted for 8 ½ hours, and he have start his therapy. At the moment he is looking for a new home. If you think that you are the right person that will be able to help Lancelot during this process of recovery, you can be sure that he will appreciate that.

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