Travel Thursday: Pet friendly hotels in Orlando

Most of the owners nowadays don’t like to leave their pets at home when traveling on holidays. In such situations, the best thing would be finding a pet friendly hotel. Some hotels will accept any kind of animal, but some will accept only small breed dogs for example. In this situation, the best thing would be to always check with the hotel such important details before making your booking.

This week we will be talking about a very nice and pet friendly hotel in Orlando. The Rosen Inn hotel accepts pets of up to 50 pounds and you are also welcome to take more than one pet with you. For this service, you will also have to pay around $10 per night per a pet, but this is still much cheaper than leaving your pup with a sitter or with a boarding care facility.

This hotel was renovated a few years ago, and is an excellent choice when it comes to value. All the rooms are very well equipped and besides that the entire family will be able to enjoy in their restaurants, fun game arcades, a grocery store, etc. It is also important to note that this hotel has a 24 hour security in their gated parking facility.

So, if your next travel destination is Orlando and you are considering taking your pet(s) with you, and you want a family hotel with reasonable prices, the Rosen Inn hotel is the right choice for your needs.

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