World Events Wednesday: Chihuahua saved a girl from pit bull

A Chihuahua has become a real hero in Canada after saving the life of his small owner attacked by a pit bull.

As reported by the Canadian media, the eight year old Jenna Desrochers, in the province of British Columbia, played in the yard of her home when she was attacked by a pit bull in the neighborhood.

The dog have first bite the little girl in the knee, and then started attacking her face when he intervened Honey, Jenna┬┤s grandmothers 4 year old Chihuahua.

Although eight times smaller than his opponent, the brave little dog has demonstrated heroic heart. Without hesitation he started to defend little Jenna from the pit bull.

Enraged pit bull left the girl and went in pursuit of Chihuahua. Hearing the screams, the owner of the pit bull came out of his house and somehow managed to calm the animal. Jenna, who sustained serious facial injuries, was immediately taken to hospital where she underwent a serious surgery. The aggressive pit bull, in the meanwhile, was put to sleep.

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