Safe Pet Toys

As a part of being a pet owner, our goal is to keep our pet as healthy and happy as possible. This includes providing them with an ample amount of pet toys. Pet toys have as many shapes, sizes, and personalities as the pets. Caution should always be taken to make sure that a cute pet toy is safe for your pet.

You may have noticed that many of the animal chew toys of today do not have stuffing. This helps guard against the mess that is made when the toy becomes worn and begins scattering the stuffing everywhere. Although this is an annoyance, it is also a concern due to the pet swallowing some of the stuffing while at play. This can cause digestive problems, choking, or stomach upset. Care should be taken that all pet toys have secure eyes, noses, or other items that could cause choking if swallowed during play. Also be aware that feathers attached to a toy to draw attention to the toy can also be hazardous to your pet for the same reasons listed above.

Toys made of plastic products can become brittle over time and small pieces can be broken off and ingested by the pet. A more durable pet toy substitute would be a rubber or hard rubber toy, like the Hurley Dog Bone Chew Toy by West Paw, that will remain pliable and safe for your pet for a longer period of time.

When choosing a pet toy, not only are materials and attachments important, but the choice of paint. If the item is painted or dyed, look for a tag that states the dye or paint is lead free and non-toxic as it is sure that some of the dye or paint will be ingested during the natural course of play.

Toys are important to your animal’s personality development and happiness. With proper attention, the pet’s toy box will be safe for your pet and help guard against accidents if there are small children in the home.

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