Travel Thursday: What you should know about pet travel insurance

Except for people, there are as well pet travel insurances. This is because it is very important to protect your pet on a travel. Pet travel is not less risky than human travel, and there are many things that can go wrong. For example, your pet can be injured, or he can get sick, or can simply get lost.

If you have a small pet insurance plan, nothing of the mentioned potential problems should bother you too much.

There are different easy of getting a pet insurance. You can get plenty of information at travel companies where you can discuss different travel insurance plans. Also, make sure that your dog has an implanted microchip as this can help a lot.

Other thing that should be kept on mind is to make sure that your dog has a special tag that is registered nationwide with the National Pet Health Registry. This tag should contain the pet’s name, owner, and vet information.

In the end, it is also important to mention that in some countries there are even pet passports available for your dog or cat. When you are obtaining travel insurance for your pet, it will also cover the animal when traveling abroad.

What one good pet insurance should cover is:

  • injections
  • x-rays
  • medications
  • lab tests
  • other costs for the veterinarian stay



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