World Events Wednesday: You don’t have space for a dog? Borrow someone else’s!

British got the idea solution for animal lovers who do not have space for a dog at their homes! They can visit the site, allowing them to borrow for some time one pet. This site brings together owners who do not have time for a pet and dog lovers who do not have enough space to have their own.

The site works like this – a person who wants to borrow a pet enters his/her details about their experiences with dogs and how much time they would like to spend with them. Also, they need to include some personal fotos as well.

Owners then take a look to the profiles of people willing to  borrow a pet and decide to who they would like to leave their dog for a few time when they dont have time for him. For example, this can be when they go to work.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly, site requires detailed information on the lender, which is then checked. The site also recommends that the lender and the owner have direct contact, before they start to “share” the dog.

Rike Rozelund (38) came up with this idea while she was walking the dog of her friend. “I love dogs, but I have no room for them in my flat in London. Perfect compromise is that I am walking someone else’s pet, “she says.

British seems to be liked this idea as now Rike had to leave her full-time job and devote herself exclusively to the site.


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