Tips Tuesday: How to nurture a sick cat?

Some cats do not like to be touched.  Respect your cat’s personality when she is not feeling well. Maybe you want to cuddle and pamper her, but it might be better for her if you leave her alone to recover. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to provide a suitable environment for her recovery.

Easing the tension

Put the cat to lie down on a warm place and give her food and medicine according to the vet’s advice. If the cat is recovering after the operation, check if her wounds are well but do not constantly hover over the cat. Respond if she asks to be cuddles, other way leave it in a comfortable peace.

Rest and Recovery

For the cat to recover quickly she needs to be warm. It will be good to place at least a bottle of hot water near her for example, but first place a folded towel between the cat and the hot water bottle.

Giving pills

If possible, hide the pill in a small piece of meat or a special cat treat to hide the pill. Ask your vet if there is a cure in the form that will taste delicious for the cat. When giving medication, be gentle but firm. Sometimes it is crucial that the cat receives treatment at full doses. If the cat is too reluctant, leave it for the time of the treatment in a veterinary clinic or ambulance where she will get proper care.

Conical collars

It may seem a bit funny, but conical collar of stiff plastic to prevent the cat from scratching her head, and depending on the width to lick or bite injuries on the body, are quite useful during recovery.


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