Save me Saturday: Trigger, English Springer Spaniel

Is there anything nicer that you can do on Easter day than adopting a new family member? In this case we are talking about Trigger, a very cute male English Springer Spaniel who is available for adoption in Grand Rapids, MI.

Trigger is 9 months old and has a very nice coloring and feathering. As hard his past have been, this Springer spaniel managed to adopt very fast to his foster home, so he will not have any problems to adapting to new surroundings.

Trigger is not a timid dog and he enjoys the company of other people, especially children. He is a very joyful dog, self confident and high spirited. Since this dog is very young, he is extremely interested in having his daily schedule full of fun and exercise sessions. He learns very fast, so you will not have any problems in training to do whatever you want him to do.

What Trigger loves to do is run, so if you live near a park or you have a big garden he will be more than happy. Also for this reason this dog is an excellent companion for any family with older children.

At the moment trigger is learning how to walk on leash. He already understands the order to sit, and when you call him he will come to you without any problems. He is a very obedient dog and would be an excellent addition to any family that is looking for a pet.

Trigger is a very smart dog and with the help of a bit of positive reinforcement, he will very soon understand right from wrong behaviors.

Other important data that you need to know about Trigger is that he is neutered, microchipped, and up to date on vaccinations. What he needs at this moment is a family committed to training, discipline, exercise, and play, along with affection and devotion. So if you are able to undertake him and his daily activities as a normal daily schedule, Trigger is the right pet for your home.

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