Travel Thursday: Important dog accessories for the road

Before you start your first journey with your pet, you should know that it is not as simple as you might think. It is not just putting your dog on the back seat of the car, turning on the engine and “let’s go”. Our pets have necessities as we do, so there are some important dog travel products which you should always have ready when you are planning a journey.

Here we will mention some of the most important dog accessories that you should have near you, and some of them can even ensure the safety and comfort of your pup. This way, both the dog owner and the dog will be able to enjoy the entire journey.

First of all, your dogs ID tag is a must in case that you are planning to let him run free without a leash at some point during your trip. Saying this, make sure that all the information printed on your dogs ID tag is up to date. It is even better if you can afford a dog micro chip. This way, in case that your dog gets lost, you will find him without any problems.

One more important dog accessory that is a must during your trip with your pet is a dog travel bowl. Such bowls should be durable, safe and effective in a sense that they reduce the spills caused by quick stops or bumps.

Next, don’t forget to take some pet waste bags. If you are planning to take your dog into the public at some point of your journey, make sure not to forget to take him leash.

Of course, an adequate supply of dog food is definitely an essential thing, as well as water. To make your dog’s trip funnier and more relaxing, don’t forget to take his favorite toy as well.



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  1. I love to travel with my doggy. Thanks for sharing all necessary things and travelling tips.

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