Tips Tuesday: Keeping your dog fit tips

For people that live in the city, options to have some exercises with their dog are a bit limited. However, there are probably plenty of parks nearby where you can take your dog out to run, play and have some good time. There are many dog owners that spend a lot of time at work, therefore it is quite impossible for them to keep their dog fit and take him out for a walk. Luckily, here are a couple of tips how you can solve these problems very easily.

For people that work a lot, a very good solution are dog walkers. Dog walkers are a common sight in urban areas. Some of them provide even some extra services such as for example taking the dog to the park and playing with him.

The best thing however, would be if you really have some time to spend with your pet. In that case, try choosing some of the nearest bike paths, walking parks and paths for some quality walking, running, or playing time. Keep on mind that a lot of dog parks require proof of vaccinations and basic social training.

Another way to keep your dog fit is by visiting local day care centers. Many of them even offer pickup and delivery of your pet, and some of their basic services include grooming, training, and indoor exercise.

In the end, if it is possible, take your dog swimming. Swimming is one of the best ways of keeping your dog fit. Swimming helps dogs with arthritis and those that need to recover from an injury.

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