Tips Tuesday: What to do in case that your pet gets poisoned

Animal poisoning has very non-specific symptoms, and some of them include diarrhea, a lot of salivating, or chills. Signs of poisoning depend on the dominant site of bleeding. They can be cough and shortness of breath, nosebleeds, bloody vomiting, diarrhea with traces of blood, subcutaneous blood bruises, limping, abdominal bloating …

Pets often become victims of poisoning for two reasons – rats and snails. In most cases pets are looking for easy and sweet snacks and they happen to ingest something that was not intended for them.

Signs of poisoning are non specific, and can be different. But, in most situations they include salivating, trembling and anxiety.

The most important thing that you can do for your pet is to prevent uncontrolled taking of ‘food’ during the walk, when you are in a park with him, or any other unfamiliar place.

If it happens that your dog swallows some poison, the first signs will be shivering and uncontrolled salivating, and after this you have only 2 hours to save him. Rush him to the nearest vet station and ask for help. The less time that the poisoned content is in his intestines, the more chances there are that he will be saved.

However, you should keep on mind that not all uncontrolled salivation, diarrhea or anxiety and the symptoms of poisoning. What you should take attention to is the behavior of the animal, his normal habits and if you suspect that something is out of normal, immediately go to a vet who will take the most appropriate treatment procedures if necessary.


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