Doggie Daycare Products

Do you love dogs of all breeds and sizes? Why not open your home to them and start a doggie daycare? With a few supplies, a little time and some hard work, you can work at home and love your job. Be sure to look up laws and any license requirements for your area before committing to opening a doggie daycare. Once you have the legal matters out of the way, begin looking for potential clients. Know how many dogs you can comfortably keep at one time. In addition to any legal restrictions, you may want to set rules and boundaries of your own for dogs and their owners. Have an open house once you are ready to accept new clients and invite friends, family members and acquaintances to inspect your daycare facility. Decide whether you will supply things such as food and treats as part of the daycare costs or whether you will require each client to provide his or her own out of pocket. It may be a good idea to consider adding a doggie door if you do not have one. If you accept dogs of different sizes, you may want to invest in multiple size doggie doors and supply microchip or infrared collars at an extra cost to your clients. If you are going to supply food and treats, be sure to keep plenty of both on hand. Additionally, invest in good quality dog toys that will not break or shred easily. To protect your furniture, buy slip covers that can be easily removed for non-doggie daycare activity. Put away anything that you do not want broken or torn up. Even if you have very well-behaved dogs, accidents do happen. Having a selection of dog beds on hand will allow you to assign each dog his or her own space. You may want to make this a client expense as it may be difficult to reuse a bed that one dog has already spent time in. Consider hosting special events that allow your clients to socialize with one another in a dog-friendly environment. Charge a small fee and use the proceeds for party supplies and door prizes. Have fashion shows, beauty competitions and holiday-themed parties that dog and owner will enjoy.

Our favorite dog daycare is Embark in Eau Claire!

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