World Events Wednesday: Cat flew more than 3400 miles in a luggage

A pet cat that was mistakenly put in the baggage of its owner, miraculously survived the flight from Egypt to England that was almost 3400 miles long.

Bisou, seven-year-Persian cat, jumped in his mistress’s suitcase to take a nap while she was packing her luggage to carry with the things to carry with her while visiting her sister in England.

When, after six an hour flight from Cairo she landed at London’s Heathrow Airport, the phone of the woman rang. It was her cousins calling her to tell that her cat has gone missing. She said that this was very unusual to her because the cat almost never leaves the house. She then realized what had happened, I thought the worst and she was sure the cat did not survive.

However, the whole adventure was finished in the best possible way, as the cat survived the long trip and the cat owner still says that it was a mystery how the cat remained unharmed in the closed suitcase closed. The owner of the center for the care of animals also described the case as purely a miracle.

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