Tips Tuesday: Which “home food” you can give to your dog

The fact is that dogs love to eat, but you can’t give them anything they put their paws on. There are some home foods that your pet can eat, and which they are we will share with you in this small informative blog post.

Dogs are carnivores. At least half of their meal should contain ingredients of cooked meat – chicken, beef, veal or fish, whatever he likes. It is desirable; however, from time to time change his type of meat.

In addition to meat, real healthy meal would need to contain cooked rice, potatoes, pasta, old bread, polenta or vegetables. But always take care of the amount you are giving to your dog.

Everyday your dog can eat dairy products like cottage cheese, yogurt or sour cream. However, eliminate milk because it can cause diarrhea.

Bones from the other side are good as well – but only for their teeth! Although we all know that the dogs love gnawing bones, try to avoid them. They have no nutritional value and can cause damage to their digestive tract. Especially dangerous are chicken, turkey, fish, pork or venison bones. Occasionally you can give him some bones for strengthening of the jaw and for his teeth cleaning.

Sugar, salt, spices, alcohol, menthol and chocolate are extremely dangerous for the kidneys, which can quickly become damaged. Make sure to avoid this! Also, it is advisable to avoid pork, raw organ meats, grilled meats, eggs (especially raw egg whites) and vegetables that puff (peas, beans, green beans, etc.  …).

Fruit is more than desirable for a healthy body of your pet. Apples, watermelons, bananas, cherries … However, be careful about the quantities.


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