World Events Wednesday: The other side of the story about money and happiness

Story that brought tears to millions of people around the world got an unexpected turnaround.

Dave Thomas, who was photographed crying beside his dog trapped in the pound, because he didn’t have money to pay for his release, now threatens the woman who helped him raise the money and return the pet.

Thomas lost ownership of the dog Base shortly after he spent some time in jail for traffic violations. Photographer Maria Sanchez recorded the moment when he cries for his pet and helped him raise more than $400, which is the amount that he had to pay for his dog to be released.

However, Sanchez has recently published a post on her Facebook page saying that one part of the money will go back to the people that helped her raise the money because she is suffering threats from Thomas.

“I had a discussion with him about what to do with the rest of the donations. I said that it would be good to pay all outstanding fines he received, so that later he wouldn’t end up in prison again.  I asked him if he owes money for some bills. I told him that every penny collected in the action will be used to pay his debts but that I will not give him cash in his hand. I explained to him that the money donated is a blessing for him and I wanted to make sure that he respects the act. He sat next to me and shook his head without any answers, questions or concerns. ”

However, she later received a voice mail with the following words:

“You are very mistaken and I will get in touch with a lawyer and if you do anything with my money, it will be number one, fraud, embezzlement, and secondly what else? Oh yes, a big theft because we are talking of more than $1,000. I’m innocent, and because of that the police released me. ”

Sanchez added that to Thomas and his wife she will not hand over not even a penny from the money she collected till now and that all the money will be refunded to the donators.

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