Travel Thursday: Which are some of the top pet friendly destinations

One of the most popular destinations for holidays in the US is definitely the West Coast. Nevertheless, West Coast is among the most dog-friendly communities in the US. what makes this place so pet friendly is the fact that your dog can even walk leash-free in most of the places, they have a plenty of dog friendly hotels, restaurants, beaches, just name it – your dog/cat can always accompany you. Carmel-by-the-Sea in West Coast has a plenty of dog friendly public places such as Happy Landing Inn, Cypress Inn, Portabella’s on Ocean Avenue, Carmel Plaza, and many others.

However if you prefer the central part of the US, near the Washington DC, then you should definitely check out the Alexandria, Va. This is a place near the capital, and from where you can easily visit the Lincoln Memorial while taking a canine cruise with the famous Potomac Riverboat Company. This place has numerous parks where your dog can run, play and just enjoy the day, and one such example is the famous Theodore Roosevelt Island Park and Memorial. Some of the most popular in Alexandria, VA is the Sheraton Crystal City Hotel or the Morrison House Hotel.

Seattle, Washington is also known as a dog loving town. And there is a reason for that. You will be surprised with the number of pets riding public buses with their owners or trains. Seattle offers a wide variety of activities for dogs and their owners which includes the Washington Park Arboretum, Sand Point Magnuson Park, Pike Place Market, and for accommodation you should definitely not miss the Alexis Hotel on First Avenue.

In the end, a lot of dog owners who already visited San Francisco will have to agree that this city is among the best-loved tourist destinations for pets and their owners. For this, we have to thank to the city´s urban dog playground Golden Gate Park, and beaches such as Fort Funston, Baker and Ocean Beach, etc. Some of the most popular pet-friendly attractions in this city include for the Embarcadero, Fisherman’s Wharf and the Coit Tower. And in the end, some of the most popular pet friendly hotels in Seattle are the Palomar, the Four Seasons and the Holiday Inn Civic Center.


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