World Events Wednesday: Pawscar – animals too have their Oscars

Animals have their own Oscars, is it Pawscar to be more accurate, which is awarded to the movies, or to animals that featured in them. 100 thousand animals each year are acting in more than 2,000 movies, TV series and other productions, and this year’s jury singled out the winners in 10 categories.

“Seven Psychopaths,” is a black comedy about an uninspired writers, dog kidnapping and furious mobster. The honors to play a mafia dog that gets kidnapped in this movie went to a cute Shih-Tzu and he was awarded for the “best dog in the lead role.”

“Hitchock: Ruby Sparks” is a romantic comedy that depicts the life of a writer who suffers from a creative block. Dog Scottie featured in this movie and won an Academy Award in the category “best literary muse.”

In the category “Best Film tricks”, thanks to human shooting scenes with donkeys, the winner was the movie “Dumb, dumber, dumbest” (The Three Stooges), while the title of “man’s best friend” went to German Shepherd Zeus in the movie “Forever Yours” (The Lucky One).

“Magic Mike” is the name of the movie where in one of the roles appears a cute pig which made this movie won an award in the category “best pigs in a movie.”

The best actors sometimes play supporting roles. An obvious example of this is the movie “Ted”. The main actor of this movie is a teddy bear, and in the opening scene of the movie appears a dog which won an award in the category of Best Supporting Actor.

“Wanderlust” is a very interesting movie, where one of the actors was a sheep who won an award in the category of “the best of the sheep.”

Horses are among the most popular animals in the world of cinema, and this year’s award Pawscar went to the film “Django unchained”, where Chita horse won the prize for “best friends of man and horse” in 2012.

At the very end we left a film about Pi, son of a zoo keeper who after a shipwreck floated through the Pacific Ocean with Bengal tigers. Film “Life of Pi” won the Pawscar for “best display coexistence between animal and people.”

Pawscar is for five years now organized by the American Human Organization, an organization that monitors whether the animals are actors are acting in a humane and safe manner.

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