Tips Tuesday: Why do cats go crazy in February?

Winter romantic swept away many household pets. It’s hard to keep your cat when she is looking for a “partner”. Days in February, are for many people their favorite days in the year because of the many carnivals around the world. But, the month of the year when everyone is “called” to street festivals does not skip cat´s for which this is a mating season.

The rule is that cats mate only once in this month. Due to hormonal disturbances and climate change, many cats are now entering the breeding season. This can happen trice per year or in some rare cases even four times per year.

“Love Noise”, created in February depends on where the cats reside, whether they live on the street or in the home, village or town. Cats mainly steam in February, in order to get their offspring after two months when nature has the most food. This does not apply to those who live in home apartments as pets.

How to know if your cat is in the mating season is very easy – she will look as if she is in a kind of trance, she eats less, she has her tail raised, etc. If the owner of a cat wants to prevent mating of the cat, he has to prevent this timely with sterilization. Sexual maturity in females is acquired from seven to 12 months of age, and males from 10 to 14 months.

Cats stay pregnant for about 65 days, and the last few days they are looking for the best place where to deliver their kitten. Childbirth takes several hours, and veterinarians recommend that owners inquire about the care that they should do.


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