Save me Saturday: Adoptable Papillon in GA

Lively and cheerful, with its elegant ears and royal attitude, Papillons are the proof that one small dog can indeed make your days even brighter. These dogs are trained to be your friend, and they are fulfilling their role to perfection. It originated from the continental toy spaniel, the Papillon named from the French word “butterfly” because of the suggestive shape of the head that resembles a wonderful creature.

Papillons are friendly, intelligent, and love to be outdoors. They are also gentle, affectionate, lively and charming. Although mostly playful and entertaining, a Papillon knows how to be calm, patient and proud. This dog breed is resistant to any climate, and they adapt well to just about everything.

Papillons are in fact one of the most obedient dog dwarfs. They can easily learn tricks and this is why a lot of dog owners take them to participate in agility competitions, obedience competitions, and they can as well serve as watch-dogs.

If this above was enough to convince how amazing these dos are, then you should definitely consider adopting one. This week we will try to find a new home for Hara. Hara is situated in Marietta, GA. She didn’t have a very easy life, and she same to the shelter together with 4 other dogs, as they have been all found abandoned.

Hara is a very active dog, cheerful, and is a pleasure being in her company. She would say the same to her new owner as she likes to be in a company of other people, and is eagerly waiting for her new home.

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