Tips Tuesday: First Aid for Dogs

It is very important that you get informed of the basic techniques of first aid when it comes to your pet. Although it is always recommended going to the vet when your dog has some health problems, there are certain situations where you have to react immediately.

During the life time of your dog is very likely that he will get cut somewhere/on something and you’ll have to react on time to stop the bleeding and prevent that the wound becomes infected. The proper way of treating wounds can prevent life-threatening complications.

First you will need to remove all foreign objects from the wound and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Then cut all the hairs that are located around the wound so that they would not stick to it. When cleaning, soap should be avoided because it can irritate the skin. On deep wounds, you need to cover it with a clean cloth and hold the pressure on it until the bleeding stops.

One of the biggest fears of dog owners is poisoning. If you suspect that your dog ingested something toxic, you should not hesitate to immediately call a vet. Perhaps you will be asked to give to your dog a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide or active coal to induce vomiting.

Diarrhea is another problem your dog might be needing help with. If you notice that the dog has diarrhea, be cautious about the next few meals. However, if you see blood, it is recommended that you immediately visit a vet.

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