Save Me Saturday: Ginger, American bulldog

Adopting animals instead of buying them is a noble thing, and this way you are also saving someoneĀ“s life. This week, we will talk about Ginger, an adoptable American bulldog, in Lake Worth, FL.

Ginger had a bad life, and she was found on the street together with her 6 puppies. She was taking care of her small family, and with a few luck she was saved from being euthanized on their last day in the shelter.

Ginger is an American bulldog, and weights about 55 lbs. she is very pleasant and shy when in company with people, but once she gets used to you, she will show you that she is the happiest dog you have ever seen.

Ginger has a nice dash of independence and is an excellent jogging companion. At the moment she gets very well with other foster dogs, which means that she enjoys being in the company of other animals. She enjoys playing, and her favorite toys are squeaky toys.

You can find Ginger in Fort Lauderdale where she is being fostered. Ginger is spayed and has a microchip, as well as all the basic vaccines, so these are the thing you will not have to worry about is interested in adopting her.

If you are interested in a dog as Ginger, please contact


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