Travel Thursday: Top pet friendly hotels in UK

For most pet owners it is very important that they can take their pets with them when they go on holidays. Luckily, there are many pet friendly hotels worldwide, and this time we will be mentioning some of the top pet friendly hotels in UK.

England is a beautiful country to spend some time on holidays, and even though the hotels are not that cheap, they are definitely worth it due to the plenty of services that most of them offer.

So, let´s mention first the Eastbourne´s Berkeley Hotel, a beautiful 5 star hotel that will at the same time happily accept your pet as well. This luxury hotel is not very cheap but will make your staying enjoyable, not to mention the fact that you will be sharing the room with your dear pet.

Another hotel worth of mentioning is the Edinburgh´s Piries Hotel, situated in the heart of Scotland, and famous because of its excellent location – nearby Museum of Scotland and Edinburgh Castle. This is a 3 star pet friendly hotel and is very famous because of its traditional lounge bar.

Next, the Windermere´s Low wood Hotel and Restaurant is a 4 star rated hotel, famous for its English cuisine. This hotel offers great comfort both for you and your pet.

Ambleside´s Samling Hotel is famous for its magnificent view over the mountains and lakes. This 4 star hotel is award winning and since we are talking about a luxury hotel, don’t be surprised at their high rates. Except for that, you can be sure that both you and your pet will definitely enjoy in the professional services that this hotel offers.


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