World Events Wednesday: A dog saved the life of a homeless man

A homeless man in a remote area of Washington suddenly became very ill, and he had no one to call for help. However, with him was his faithful friend Buddy.

Buddy, Australian shepherd, brought the message draped around his neck that said: “Help! Send help. No joke, I cannot walk. The medicine does not work. I need a doctor. ”
Dog was found on the tracks by a woman who immediately called the police and an ambulance. They had heard earlier that a man with a dog lives nearby forest camp.

Detective Jen Kolb found him and stated for KIRO 7: “He was completely immobile. He was in camp and could not be moved. He had no phone and he was afraid that he will die. ”

Without a home, but not without friends, the man was treated at a hospital and then returned to its faithful friend Buddy.

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