Tips Tuesday: Tips for everyday problems with a dog

What to do when your dog is stealing food from the table, pulling the leash or jumping on people? All of these are everyday problems for some, and experts offer some tips and tricks to resolve such issues in a few easy steps.

For some common problems you do not need any professional to help you, but it’s enough to be aware of canine behavior patterns so that you can solve some everyday problems with them. Here are some common problems and their solutions …

Stealing food from the table

Put half of a sandwich with turkey on a plate on the table from which you dog normally steals, and then let him come along and eat the sandwich. Then place the second half of the sandwiches on the table, but wrap it in a plastic bag first. When he tries to eat the sandwich, throw something next to him, not to him, for example keys. It is important that the subject is dropped from his back so that he does not associate the sound with you. The sudden sound will scare him and he will back up. Repeat this exercise as many times as necessary to stop your dog from eating off the table.

Jumps on people

Every time you are aroused when someone rings the door and repeating ‘Who’s that at the door’, you are encouraging your dog to overreact. Before you open the door, put the dog on a leash and ordered him to sit down. If the dog starts jumping, gently and calmly pull the cord. Give him a treat that will last when the bell rings, and every time he hear the doorbell ring, he will link it with food and not with the excitement of the people at the door.

He jumps on you

When the dog jumps on you, turn your back to him right away and ignore him until he drops all paws on the floor. Wait for three seconds and then give him attention. The dog will soon realize that with jumping he is not achieving anything while quietly lying on the ground leads to the attention he wants.

Excessive barking

Most people don’t spend enough time in training heir dog not to bark in certain situations.  Instead, they are embracing training collars – shock collars that are often considered to be a simple and quick solution. However, it is more humane to use a necklace filled with the scent of lemon. Put it on when you go to work and if the dog starts with excessive barking, the collar emits a scent that is not at all harmful to the him, but it is uncomfortable and distracting his attention to stop. Although more expensive, these necklaces are very helpful in this case. If this method does not work, it is best to find an experienced dog trainer to help you with his advices and methods.

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