Dog Food Isn’t Just For The Bag

One simple article cannot hope to cover all aspects of dog food, owner preferences, and branding. We have hard food which is good for the teeth for cleaning, soft food which is easier to digest, treats to show your dog just how important they are in your life, vitamins, supplements, and a wide range of items to keep your dog happily fed and healthy.

But even in our busy lives, taking time to make something special for your puppy is a great bonding tool and makes you happy that you did something extraordinary. Just because we have fed dogs off the table ever since they came inside to be domesticated, it isn’t always good for them to eat what we eat. Specialized dog treats such as carob cake mix for dogs is a great place to start. It’s full of dog friendly ingredients such as whole wheat flour for quick energy, carob flavor so your dog can enjoy the taste of chocolate without the damage it can cause, honey powder for natural sweetness, and unflavored yogurt powder to boost the immune system and aid in digestion.

What about some bone shaped pet cakes? What could be better than that? Of course, making them microwavable! Quick and easy to make, with the reusable tray included and a variety of flavor refills such as carob, pizza, and three cheese flavors. These mixes are made of all natural organic ingredients and are guaranteed to be the house favorite.

Special occasions, no problems! Even doggie birthday cakes are available in pink, blue, or other colors and are made of dog friendly ingredients, icing and all. Nothing could make your pet happier than to be constantly shown how much you care by sharing your talents and time to make delightful and delicious treats especially for them!

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