World Events Wednesday: Dog sentenced to death because he was gay

The dog was about to be executed in Tennessee, having been abandoned by its owner for being gay, when he was saved in the very last minute.

He was placed in an overcrowded animal shelter and was supposed to be put to sleep, on February 1st if no one appears who would be willing to adopt him. As reported from the shelter, the owner noticed that the dog is “leaning over the other dog,” which led him to the conclusion that he was gay.

Although it is known that dogs from time to time know how to express homosexual behavior, experts say that “heeling dog over another dog” is not an indicator of sexual orientation, but rather a sign of dominance.

The fate of the dog alerted many animal lovers who are trying to find his new owners before it is too late, and on Facebook they set up a special page with this appeal. Luckily, there was one person willing to adopt him in the very last moment. Stephanie Fyrns adopted him and named him Elton. Stephanie is a vet tech and except Elton she has another 4 dogs.

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