Tips Tuesday: How to tell if your cat has health problems

Cats are really mysterious creatures and as much as they are excellent at hiding things, they are excellent in hiding a disease if they have one. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason includes their genetics. Like wild animals, cats hide illness to avoid vulnerability to nature. See 6 characters that can help you to find out if your pet is sick.

Knowing the normal layout of your cat can help you determine what is “normal” and what the possible outcome of some disease is.

See these 5 signs by which you may discover whether your pet is sick:

Change of weight

Change of weight in most cats is not normal and may be the first sign that your pet is ill. Increased weight in cats usually associated with excessive consumption of food. While a veterinarian can determine what is the normal size and weight of your cat based on its age and breed, you can also determine if your cat is too fat. If you notice that her belly is hanging and you cannot feel her ribs, this is not normal and indicates an increase of weight.

Unmaintained fur

When cats are nervous they often rise and shed hair. If the cat stopped maintaining her fur, it can be a sign of concern because cats are very meticulous when maintaining personal hygiene.

Pale gums and bad breath

Regularly checking the gums of your cat can help you easily notice some changes. Pale gums can be a signal that something is wrong. Subtle changes in color can be an indicator of poor circulation or disease. Bad breath, which is not the result of something the cat ate, can also be a reason for a visit to the vet.

Shallow, rapid breathing

Respiratory problems can also be a signal that something is wrong, however, it is necessary that you observe your cat more seriously during that period to determine if something is wrong.

Changes in behavior

Changes in behavior may also be a sign that the cat is sick. If you notice that the cat hides in unusual places, that is aggressive or refuses to interact with family members, all of this can be an indicator that something is wrong with her health.

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