World Events Wednesday: Dog attended his owner´s childbirth

Hospital “Saint Michaels” in Bristol allowed the pregnant woman to bring her dog to the delivery room to attend the birth of her child.

Managers of the hospital have justified this unprecedented decision saying that the dog – Labrador called Barney – acted “soothing” to the pregnant woman.

However, the staff protested by claiming that after the two-hour delivery the room was not disinfected.

“Nurses and doctors were astounded because someone from the hospital allowed the woman to bring a dog into the room. This never happened before, “said an anonymous source for the British tabloid “The Sun

“Staff is now worried that other women will be allowed to bring pets because the precedent has already been made.”

The hospital said that Barney got special permission to attend the birth of his owner’s child because it is a certified “therapeutic dog” and travels frequently to patients in hospitals and gives them comfort.

Barney is a licensed dog and together with her owner they regularly visit the patients. Barney´s owner asked that Barney attends her child´s birth as a therapeutic dog, not as the pet.

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