Tips Tuesday: Dog adoption – the first contact is the most important

When adopting a dog, their future prospective owners have many concerns. Last year a lot of dogs found new homes, but very often happens that people take from a shelter a completely different dog than which they wanted.

Owners of dogs are often faced with the dilemma of whether to adopt a puppy or adult dog. Lately on social networks and websites appear numerous articles on the benefits of adopting an adult dog, but the crucial is actually the first contact among the adopters and animals.

Experience has shown that people come to shelters with a clear idea of the kind of dog they want, thinking in particular of the dog’s age, size and color. However, it happens that most from of the shelters they bring home a completely different dog than the one they wanted. For example, it is not a rare situation that people come looking for a puppy and then go home with an older dog. The thing is that the first contact is actually a crucial factor in deciding between the adoptive parents and a dog.

Last year thousands of abandoned dogs from the city shelters found a warm home. The main contribution given to adopting are the constant actions given by cities with the idea of promoting the adoption of abandoned dogs. You can find a lot of images of dogs that need to be adopted online, and therefore choose the one that will fit the best your needs and the space where you live (small dog, big dog, etc).

Dog owners who settled older dogs tell that the biggest advantage of adopting an old dog is the fact that they adapt very quickly, they are more experienced and they will quickly find their way in the new home. Also, they sleep peacefully at night, compared to pups that need to get used to sleeping without a mother, brothers and sisters, and that way it happens very often that you wake up in the middle of the night while they are sorrowfully yelping.

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