Stylish Sunday: Brianna dog panty

Dog underwear is a part of a dog fashion, and except for this, dog panties can be really a necessity is some situations.

Dogs that have problems with learning where and when to use the toilet should definitely be given diapers or panties. Older dogs also have problems in controlling their bladder and in that case dog underwear can be of a huge help.

Dog underwear are made of washable materials, just like human´s underwear, and is available in a variety of styles, models, colors, both for male and female dogs.

If your dog is using diapers, one of the ways to hide this and to make him look more fashionable is by using dog underwear/panties. One such example is ours Brianna dog panties.

Female dogs very often use diapers or dog underwear especially in the time when their season reaches, as this way you can protect your floor from the blood that might be dripping. And even though dogs can be very clean animals even in the season, blood stains can sometimes be very difficultly removed from the carpets.

The Brianna dog panty is intended for female dogs, and comes in white and pink color combination. It is available in several sizes – from XXS to XL and is made of 100% cotton, so it will be very comfortable for your pooch.

The Brianna dog panty has Velcro closures at the hips and elastic waist for easier dressing.

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