Stylish Sunday: Zuma Dog Bikini

A lot of dog owners consider their pets more than just a dog or cat – they are a part of the family. Because of this, most of the dog owners want them to look their best and cutest. For this reason, they are using – dog clothes. With the right dog clothes you can make your dogs personality stand out, while at the same time keeping your dog comfortable.

However, dog clothing is more than just keeping your dog comfortable or safe. This is also a way of showing off your dog, and making him stand out from the crowd. And apart of winter clothes which keeps your dog warm, there is as well summer clothes which is not just fashionable but as well functional.

Dog swimwear can be bought today at most of the pet stores. You can choose a bikini or just simple swim trunks. They are available in a variety of colors and models, and are an excellent choice for all those pups that are beach bound.

Dog summer clothes can make your dog look his best in any situation. For this reason, when going to the beach, you should definitely consider our Zuma Dog Bikini that is not only fashionable but will protect your dog from the harmful sun rays.

The Zuma Dog Bikini will make your pets character shine, and the fact that it is made of light fabric, will make your dog feel cool all the time.

The Zuma Dog Bikini features a country floral print and has also elastic straps and velcro closures. It is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex and is available in a variety of sizes.


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Save me Saturday: Jimmy, an adoptable dog in Reisterstown, MD

If you are looking for a new pet, has a variety of all kinds of animals that are waiting for new owners, warm home and someone to take care of them.

This week we will try to find a new home for Jimmy, an American Bulldog/Pit Bull Terrier mix from Reisterstown, MD. This is a large adult male dog who in fact isn’t even aware of his size so very often he will want to be a lap dog. How adorable is this?

Jimmy had a very tough past as he was found tie to the front door of the vet hospital. Since then, he is at BHS, waiting for his new owners. Due to his size, it is suggested that he walks on a harness when taking him out for a walk. Of course, it is not suggested that very small kids take him for a walk as he can easily knock them over.

Jimmy is not house trained either, and he doesn´t appreciate the company of cats. House training his shouldn’t be a problem though, with a bit of patience and the right person, he will manage real fast the basic rules of how to behave when inside the house.

Jimmy might get along with other dogs as well, as long as they are not smaller than him. He loves to play, adores stuffed toys, and he likes attention from other people.

Jimmy will appreciate if you can get him real fast at BHS and make him a part of your family!


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Facebook Friday: Photo Contest

Make sure to check out our Facebook page for a contest! Click here –

Check out the pictures of our contestants and vote for your favorite one. There are a lot of interesting prizes for the winners!

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Travel Thursday: Pet friendly accommodation in San Diego

In case that you are a regular visitor of San Diego, or even a resident, for sure you have been interested into pet friendly accommodation. San Diego has several pet friendly hotels which offer excellent service not only for your cat or dog but for you as well.

Pet friendly hotels in San Diego are located all over the town. To be more precise, there are over 150 pet friendly hotels in this city. Just to mention some of the most popular ones:

  • Holiday Inn on the Bay
  • DoubleTree Hotel San Diego Downtown
  • Holiday Inn San Diego Downtown
  • Best Western Seven seas

However, if you are able to make a simple Google research, you will be able to find plenty of them.

Traveling on holidays always brings a lot of new adventures and excitements, but not only for you but for your pet as well. So, if you don’t plan it the way you should, it could turn out to be not such a pleasant experience.

In most of the pet friendly hotels you can make online bookings. However, before choosing the right hotel, make sure that you know the policies of a certain hotel, what kind of animals they accept, how many of them, etc.

Most of the pet friendly hotels offer a lot of services with different terms and conditions. When choosing a pet friendly hotel, what might be of concern for you is the class of the hotel. Better quality hotels will normally offer better treatment and care for your dog, and in some situations they don’t even charge for such services.

Overall, long time ago it was a problem to take a pet to some fine hotel, and this is not the case anymore. So, if you are able to make necessary plans, both you and your pet will have a unforgettable holiday and your dog will be able to feel like at home even when away from home.

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World Events Wednesday: Scottish wildcat – a dying breed

Scottish wildcat is one of the rarest animals in the world, the kind that could disappear within two years. Scientist Dr. Paul O’Donoghue, developed a genetic test to identify Scottish wildcats said that crossing of wild and hybrid cats leads to the extinction of this species.

Test on a small sample of blood can scan all 63,000 genes that make the hybrid cat. Then the test is compared with the genetic model of pure Scottish wildcat, and we get the final statistics on the level of hybridization present in the tested individual.

In collaboration with the curator of the National Museum of Scotland, Dr Andrew Kitchener, O’Donoghue examined hundreds of museum specimens of the Natural History Museum in Edinburgh and London. Specimens of this type are included in the last 140 years, and the goal was to find signs of hybridization.

Biologist at the University of Chester said that this species should be separated and protected in the western hills, in order to reproduce correctly.

He suggested that anyone interested breeds Scottish wild cats as pets. This proposal called for people to help in the preservation of the species.

Last record shows that the number of cats dropped below 100, and now there are only 35 species of these cats.

“Our research shows that the plight of the wildcat is now so serious that unless urgent and targeted conservation activities take place, its extinction due to hybridization is a certainty,” adds Dr. O’Donoghue.

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Tips Tuesday: Cats and physical activity

Obese wild cats are almost a non-existent phenomenon as for them it not only difficult to come to the food like to house cats, but they also spend a lot of time and energy to catch their food, and this is what keeps them slender and maintain in good condition.

On the contrary, domestic cats often make that persistent “meow” sound and the food already comes. So, their body is in fact used just to receive food.

For domestic cat living in the house, there is very little opportunity for regular physical activity, which threatens the increased risk of weight gain and loss of muscle mass. Although cats rarely eat just for the sake of, for the cat that lives at home, the appearance of a full bowl of food, and not the thrill of the hunt, makes them accumulate extra weight. Excessive weight gain, which further burdens everything, especially the heart, in equal measures is dangerous for the cast and for human´s health, so it is important for pet owners not to endanger the health of their beloved pets.

You can easily check whether your cat is overweight – if on finger palpation her ribs are hard to find, it is the right time to check with your veterinarian about the introduction of a weight loss program (different types of cat food today include products for weight loss).

The best way to prevent your cat’s weight gain is to ensure her ample opportunities for physical activity. Usually it is enough if she has access to the outside world, but if your cat is confined to a small garden, consider setting up a device for running or activities, including branches at various heights on which to climb.

If your cat lives in the house and your house is small, the two solutions to the problem of physical activity are to establish a framework for climbing in a separate room, or at least half an hour a day to play with her. A lively game will allow your cat to strengthen the muscles, and it will also provide mental stimulation and strengthen the bond between you. No matter whether the cat lives outdoors or indoors, all cats crave to play, so if you’re not around to take part in it, make sure your cat plenty of toys for entertainment.

Many cats (especially the Oriental breeds such as Siamese cats) like to go for a walk with their owners, and such activity is beneficial for their health. If you decide to take your cat for a walk, make sure to use an extensible collar designed especially for cats.


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Stylish Sunday: American Beauty Dog Shirt – an idea for the 4th of July celebration

Dog holiday clothing is intended for pets during the holiday seasons, as this kind of clothing is not exclusive for humans. Nowadays, the same as humans, dogs have their holiday fashion as well. This can make the entire day even more fun and interesting if your pup is properly dresses for the specific occasion.

Today dog holiday clothing is made in all possible colors with appropriate prints and accessories. These clothing items can be found at pet stores. It will be very easy for you to choose some holiday item for your dog, as they have everything from holiday shirts to holiday themed shoes, collars, etc.

If you are already getting ready for the upcoming Independence Day, you will be able to properly dress your pup with some American flag designed t shirts and other items. One such suggestion is the American Beauty Dog Shirt. This T shirt is available in different sizes and is made of stretchy and comfortable material that will make your dog look just adorable for the Memorial Day.

But when choosing a T shirt for your pet, the first thing that you will have to keep on mind is their comfort level. For this reason, the American Beauty Dog Shirt is available in sizes XXS to L. It is made of top quality fabric.

Except for making your pet ready for the big day, she will at the same time look fashionable in the modernly designed T shirt in flag colors – red, white and blue, with a lovely bow on the back, and very cute print saying “American Beauty”.

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Save me Saturday: Rosie, a greyhound from Tampa, FL

This week we will try to find a new home and a new family for Rosie, a large adult female greyhound.

Rosie is a very kind and at the same time playful dog. She is energetic and enjoys in running around, be it in a backyard of a house or park. So, if your living space is not very limited and you have a backyard with a large fence, Rosie will be very grateful to practice her running skills as much as possible.

Rosie loves children, especially to play with them. She also enjoys in long walks. This female greyhound is a real sweetheart and she will appreciate any minute that you spend with her even petting her head.

In her previous home, she was allowed to be on the sofa, so it would be nice if you could provide her with a comfortable chair to nap on. Rosie also has a sister, but even if you are willing to adopt only her, her only request will be that someone is always with her and gives her a lot of attention.

If your family is ready to have some joy in life, Rosie will definitely be the best addition to that. So what are you waiting for? Let´s give Rosie a new opportunity to have a loving home and someone to take care of her the way she deserves.

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Facebook Friday: Dog Photo Contest

If you still haven´t, make sure to check out our Facebook page for a contest! More about the contest can be found on:


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Travel Thursday: Dog friendly hotels in Illinois

If you have planned to travel to Illinois, a state where Chicago is one of the biggest cities, you shouldn’t miss out guide to some of the most popular dog friendly hotels. This is a state with a lot of small urban areas with beautiful nature, ideal destination for holidays. This could be a holiday that your pet and family will definitely not forget, but this requires a stay at a pet friendly hotel.

In Chicago you should definitely opt for the Palmer House Hilton. This is a beautiful and breathtaking hotel with a spectacular indoor swimming pool, with different spa services, health club, lots of parking space, ballrooms, etc. This hotel is pet friendly of course and will welcome both you and your pet in a room with high quality services. Nearby the hotel you will find different spots perfect for recreational activities for you and your pet.

One more town worth of visiting is Springfield, which is actually the capital of Illinois, Springfield. It is full with different pet friendly hotels, among which the most popular one is the Stevenson Inn hotel. This hotel has a lot of parking space, family rooms, and gives a totally warm attention with a comfortable environment both for you and your pet.

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