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Mother's Day

Dog mothers should be celebrated too. You can reward her for her hard work in raising pups by providing chew toys, personalized scarves, hats, dresses, meaty biscuits, or blankets. Mothers’ day dog treats can also be fun outdoor games such as the rope and ball thrower which owners can use to toss hard tennis balls long distances. These are great for games of fetch.  If you want to play with the dog you can purchase toys for chewing and chasing. Squeaky chew toys can be entertaining for new puppies or older dogs because they will continue to make noise as your dog bites on them. You can find squeaky dog toys in the shape of cars, animals, and treats such as cupcakes. If your dog likes to play rough and tumble around in the yard, there are great soft rubber dog gifts which can be nuzzled around the yard, thrown, chased, and chewed up. They are strong but soft and therefore perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Simpler dog gifts include the stick dog toy which is made from rubber. It is a foot long and can be thrown for active larger dogs. The stick bends, stretches, and floats making it perfect for all outdoor play

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